Republic of China 100 Year Anniversary Firework Show at Taipei 101

Dec 31st, 2010 ~ Jan 1st, 2011
Friday ~ Saturday, Sunny
Last Update: Jan 11th, Added the third picture.

I usually try to finish all photos before I post.
However, I sometimes end of not posting any….
Since I don’t know how many photo I will have (maybe just this one…..)
and how long it will take me to finish video editing,
I will post onceI get anything done. (maybe I should start doing this more often… )

To the topic..
My friend, Walt, and I went up elephant mountain 10 o’clock on Dec 31st 2010 trying to get a spot for the firework show at mid night.
We were late comparing to other crazier people. (some unethical ones too…. locking their tripod days before for a spot…)
Therefore, we only got a crappy spot.
I almost wanted to just go home and took picture from the top of my building.
Thanks Walt being insist and his friend for helping taking the video too!
After long 14 hours of waiting only a big cop of tea and two bags of Chinese chicken nuggets at 10 degree C weather.
well… not really very cold compare to north cal but I didn’t really wear much so it felt cold at night.
Finally the show!
It was really nice in my opinion; however, very hard to photograph….
Thanks god or what ever I still got something after intensive post Time domain HDR processing. 🙂

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